By conducting a thoughtful and thorough review

of each client’s financial situation, we are well-positioned to recommend investments and other services based on a holistic consideration of both sides of the balance sheet. We also review the current circumstances and future expectations through the lens of both family dynamics and business interests. This allows us to develop a customized and comprehensive financial plan that will serve as the basis for all our recommendations.

When offering family office style services, it is important that we not only base our plans on well-defined goals, but also align the underlying solutions with the personal values of our clients. This increases the impact of everything we are able to deliver.

In addition to customizing solutions as needed, here are some of the services we offer:













Philanthropic Strategies

Performance Reporting

Trust Services

Private Banking


Capital Calls

Bill Pay

Generational Guidance

Resource Partners

As an independent firm, Crescent Pine partners with leading service providers to surround our clients with industry leading technologies, tools, and solutions.

To safeguard our clients’ assets, we have selected BNY Mellon | Pershing as well as Fidelity to serve as the firm’s custodians. Both of these firms are global leaders in custody services.

Our tech and operating platform is provided by Sanctuary Wealth, who specializes in supporting independent wealth managers like Crescent Pine, granting us direct access to products, services, and a community of fellow elite financial advisors who actively share best practices and new investment opportunities.

We also work with Fieldpoint Private Bank & Trust to tap into specific private banking and related services for our families.

The Crescent Pine team marshals all these resources, customizes them for each of our clients, and creates a truly differentiated experience.